The friend request


Hunny, Don’t judge (too harshly) now, but I met this guy online. On Facebook.

So this was like a year ago: I was spending the weekend visiting my friend out of town, and  we had been posting and tagging each other in pictures. Next thing you know I get a friend request, from this guy, with whom I only shared one mutual friend. The mutual friend was with me on this trip, so I inquired about the friend request dude. My friend said he was harmless, and I was feeling social anyway, so I accepted the request and started talking to the lad.
I was a bit uncomfortable at first talking to this guy, because he was a go-hard-or-go-home type, as far as feelings and shit goes. Right off the bat he shared a lot of things with me, that I would expect someone to keep more private. I didn’t mind though. I really appreciated and respected that type of trust he was willing to put in people.
He also went on and on about my beauty, which, at the time, I wasn’t used to just yet, but Hunny, I’m glad there’s someone that appreciates!
We talked a lot and since I knew for fact that this wasn’t some kind of scam or what have you, I felt alright sharing things I wanted to share with him. He wasn’t overbearing either, but we kinda lost contact.
This passed holiday (as in 2013 going into 2014) I started talking to him again. It was like we started back up from where we left off. Judging by his profile picture, he lost a lot of weight as well, and is looking extra fine. Glad I look the same to him too. I’m always worried about my weight, but that’s another story for another time.
So yeah, we’re talking and sharing; turns out we both are going through similar issues, like being a damn unemployed motherfucker, and this time around, since I’m not creeped out anymore like a kinda was when we first met, I grew a super strong liking the dude. It was pretty apparent he had a thing for me too. Only problem… the damn distance!! And the fact that we haven’t met. The thought bothers me that something could possibly change, if we were to meet face to face…. And then there’s still the Brit and music major
I chose this short little musical selection for this guy, because the music, for me, triggers a feeling of longing and hesitation.
thanks for reading!

Hunny, tell me 'bout it!

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