Coming soon…

As part of the assignment for the Zero to Hero 30 day blogging challenge we were asked to add a new type of element to our posts. I wanna do music. (yay!)
So lately, I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a boy bind. I’ve never experienced so much attention in my life than I have since coming to the states. Don’t get me wrong, I love attention as much as any other person, and usually I’ve always had my ways of keeping things under control to the point where I could be admired and sought after, without having to get into anything “messy”; like hurting someone’s feelings and shit, ya know? In the past few months, however, I’ve kinda been slacking on my game and getting myself in situations, where I just have no i-fucking-dea what to think of it, or what to do…

For time and length purposes (cuz Hunny, shit does get long), I’m gonna make this a  3 parter thing.
But here’s all you really need to know if you’re not down for story time:
I want the one guy, but I’m not pursuing him, because the dude I was disowned by, I think, still feels like he has some sort of ownership over me, but I have to wait till he gets back from Europe to figure that shit out. And then there’s this other guy,and I think we’re in agreement that we’re both perfect for each other! …but I just never met him and as much as I want to, I have the one guy right here though, right?!? If he’d just want my thirsty ass back!!

Hunny, tell me 'bout it!

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