The music major

I met this guy at a party too. At first, I didn’t think much of him either. I was out for his friend, but I found myself half naked in the car with him… and a couple more times after that. I don’t “really” know how often we’ved “encountered”, we had a tendency to hook up every time, he was around and I happened to have a “blackout” night. Eventually, I started liking the dude. Especially after he switched to contacts (but he’s still OK with glasses).
All of this was like a year or two ago, and I thought I was over him and all, but every time his ass comes around me and my friends, It’s my MISSION to make him mine!
Hunny, the thirst is SO real, whenever he’s around. He doesn’t seem to want me though, which is depressing. But we’re still cool and all. We talk, hang out, he’s come to me for advice and he even asked me to move to NY with him! But Hunny, what I’m really waiting for is that damn proposal!!!
When it comes to people that I like, and think I have a chance with, it does get a bit frustrating. I’ve said before that I find myself to be a DAMN good catch; and with this dude, I don’t think it’s not working out because I’m not his type… Hunny, I KNOW that’s not the reason.
But whatever the fucking reason may be, it’s totally killing me! As crazy and obsessed as a may sound about this guy right now, I’m not crazy!! (maybe a little obsessed though, it’s a problem. I admit.)
But who cares!? He’s a GLEEKY-thingy for God’s sake! And I’m still willing to put up with that!
Anywho… this is totally my song to him.


Hunny, tell me 'bout it!

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