Hunny, what goes around really comes around.

I went to a local (as in, basically right across the street) bar called “Wrecking Ball Tavern ” a couple of days ago, that I’ve been wanting to go to for a while now.

My motivation for going was the fact that there was an angry mother staking out my house waiting for her daughter/my roommate to get home. CLEARLY, they were going to need some privacy and I was gonna need a drink to process whatever the hell was going on.

I walk into the bar and it was everything I expected it to be.




Raw, Grungy, black leather biker gang-esque, and Pool tables

I already knew I wasn’t going to play pool so I made my way to the bar that was literally right in front of me. I sat my ass right at the bar, took a quick look at all of the bottles and patiently waited for the bartender, which didn’t take too long. He basically stared me down as I was taking my seat.

I tried playing it cool and acted like I knew a thing or two about bar etiquette, when I asked the guy what kind of specials they have, but I was shut down real quick when he told me I was too late for them anyway. That was OK though, I had a trick up my sleeve:

The Bitch stare!


I was only hoping he would give me an alternative, because lord knows I’m broke. I learned that everybody usually gets a beer in a frosted mug, so I asked for a beer in a frosted mug and called it a night.

As I was sitting, with my beer in a frosted mug, I saw my roommate’s boyfriend, so we ended up drinking together, which was nice.

I had been sitting by myself and endured a woman that wanted me to be impolite to her. She was like “I don’t want you to say yes and no ma’am to me! I like it when guys call me bitch and slap me; it makes me feel young and alive. I only do younger guys”

*smiles and proceeds to rub my arm*

There was that and then all these rough people walking in with shot guns!! There were so many people that were walking in the bar with these things on their back, I started wondering whether it was like some sort of hunting night or something.


Turns out, they were cases for pool sticks. And I was just like o my god yes

After that the rest of the night was very enjoyable and my roommate’s boyfriend bought the drinks for me!! I had this one beer called Straw Water, which I absolutely fell in love with. It’s not too sweet and still had a beer taste to it, almost like a strawberry aroma beer or something. If you ever have the chance, try it!!

Throughout the night I met another woman who sat next to me and made small talk with me every now and then. She was very sweet and even bought me a shot just because I was being nice to her.

I just really appreciate and am always surprised about random kindness like that of my roommate’s boyfriend and the sweet lady. It tends to happen often and coincidentally at the best of times. My friend called me one night and asked me to go to the store with her, which she does a lot, but what really surprised me was that she wanted to do grocery shopping for me! I’ve always known her as one to save a buck where she can, so I was very blown away by her act of kindness. She told me that I’ve always been there for her when she was going through trying times, whether financially or mentally and that, since she now is in a position to do so, she really wanted to be there for me. And she really has. Taking me out to job hunt, feeding me, and checking in with how I’m feeling every night, whenever she gets off work…

Hunny, it’s moments like those that make me very happy. I always make an effort to be kind, help when I can and so on. You never know when that kindness is going to come back around to you. For me, the blessings always come when I genuinely need them most.

So let’s all be a little kinder and tolerating to the world. If the act of kindness doesn’t make you happy, Hunny, you’re definitely going to be happy as fuck you did it anyway, when that kindness comes back around to you!

Thanks for reading!


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