Can I get a “Fail”

I was catching up with the Brit the other day. It was very nice to see the guy and in my estimation, I was doing pretty well with keeping my distance, without being a standoff-ish bitch. Then again, why would I have to do that? We’re friends anyway, right?! We kept coming back to the subject of my being unemployed and my struggle to find shit to do until I finally find a job, and Hunny, as much as it bothers me, I didn’t realize how much it actually got to me! I gotta say though, the Brit kept wanting to talk about it and , like, as good as his intentions may have been, to me, it was like a constant jab in the gut with a rusty  knife!

It got depressing real quick, because first of all, I’m trying to keep my distance from someone I like, but shouldn’t. And second of all, my current life situation isn’t one to be proud of anyway.

When I was trying to leave, the Brit asked me to stay on account of “being too worried about me”.


Hunny… I should’ve called bull shit right there and left. Instead, I had a should-I-stay-or-should-I-go moment.
I ended in bed, half naked, lights off, real cozy and on the brink of dozing off, when I stared feeling a bit of regret of what I was doing. My intention for seeing him in the first place was to find a way to let him off easy, by using some form of the “We’re friends right?” speech. In fact, I had one chance, but I was having a hard time formulating my thoughts, so I reverted to saying how I was feeling about the situation, BUT, judging by what the Brit said in back to me, he was under the impression that I was still talking about my shitty unemployed life.
Hunny can I get a “FAIL!”

Hunny, tell me 'bout it!

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