Snow day at the Beach

Whenever there’s the slightest chance South Carolina might get hit with some snow, the whole state basically shuts down, since they haven’t got the right equipment and vehicles to deal with it and make the roads safe. A couple of days ago the forecasts started coming in and pandemonium broke loose!
I got a glimpse of how seriously some South Carolinians took the weather alerts through my friend. Her mother constantly blew up her phone begging her to leave her apartment and spend the next few days, with just the immediate close family in one house. They had all gone to the store and bunkered up on canned goods and water (flash lights, candles and matches as well, I’m sure). As if we were about to get hit by a bomb or something.
Student’s were told to do similar and stay indoors for as long as possible, if it could be helped. They were advised to leave the water dripping from the faucets so the pipes don’t freeze, as well as to keep electronic devices fully charged in case of a power outage. They were also told to be ready in case of an emergency evacuation, if something like a power outage were to occur.
With all this caution, fear and safety measures going on, as important as it may be, all I could think about was:
Needless to say, there were no parties, let alone people in sight. But Hunny, whoever said that was a problem? As long as I have my friends, a beverage of choice and some music playin, I can have a party anywhere that rivals the ones of Hugh Hefner!
Because of the “heightened” security we didn’t get buck wild or anything, but it was very refreshing, chill and a nice change of pace. It felt like a vacation at some ski resort.
I had planned to just stay one night at my friend’s, but the next morning all of Myrtle beach had frozen over. Anything pavement was covered by a decent sheet of ice and of course, the temperature was below cold as fuck! So I extended my stay. Thank God I’m well liked, but I know not to abuse my welcome and I really wanted to charge my phone and brush my teeth.
There’s more activity on the streets again and the school, as well as some other stores have reopened, so I assume that we’ve survived the Ice Age and can consider this impromptu holiday vacation, officially over.


  1. Smiling here. Good read! Loved “…I really wanted to charge my phone and brush my teeth.” 🙂

  2. Thank you! It’s always the bare essentials that I don’t appreciate, until I don’t have them anymore.

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