Busy walls

The waiting period and endless struggle to find shit to do to make my life seem like it still has purpose may soon come to an end for me!

I’m just saying that because retail stores in the area are starting their hiring process this month. Like, only a few. There’s only, like, one store I know that’s doing it for sure. So, I’m really talking about just that one store… Everyone else? Definitely in MARCH!!

It’s all good, though. What’s another month of waiting!?!
I’ve been doing pretty well with my free time anyway, as far as I’m concerned.
No matter how late I stay up the night before, I always wake up the next morning refreshed and energized.
 I cook, clean and do laundry like the classic stay-at-home wife.
I have tons of time to get up to speed on all the shows my friends and the general population rave about.
I can really concentrate on getting my body right and tight. Sexy seductive. Nutritious and delicious! All stuff no fluff!
Steven Klein X David Agbodji 3
I even keep an eye out for auditions happening in parts of the country I have no way of possibly getting to anyway!
See?! Even though I’m not busy, I’m still pretty busy. Even free time is busy time, and Hunny, I am HELLA busy (in my head at least). A lot of people close to me worry that I just sit up in my room all day staring at either the walls or my laptop. To a certain extent this is true. I mean, my eyes have to wander somewhere, while a take on all of these beautiful and challenging, um… endeavors! I’m very happy with the things I’m accomplishing, even though it’s nothing I would consider beneficial for my professional/artistic/creative development. Then again, maybe it is. It takes a lot of will power and discipline just to get up early and wash myself nowadays, when I know I’m just gonna be in the house all day and see noone. Employers like will power and discipline, right?
Hahaha! Oh well.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Detecting a wee bit of optimism? 🙂

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