“Yeah looks good”

I was catching up on the latest hot topics with my friend not too long ago, when he told me that two people we’ve been trying to get together finally got together!

I was delighted to hear such good news, but at the same time I did question how the two got together on their own. I wonder about this only because in my observation of… I’m going to call her “Girl”; Girl seems like she’s the type that has to be approached , smothered with compliments nonstop and followed around like a puppy dog.

In an endearing romantic kind of way,


not in, like, some Diva way or anything like that.


Even if a high-and-hopeful guy did all of this perfectly to a T, that still didn’t mean he won his way into her heart (let alone her panties)!

Girl has this thing where no matter how beautiful someone tells her she is, she won’t believe it or take it for what it is. I never met someone who had an appearance issue the way Girl seems to have. Like, I do have my days when I’m very unhappy happy with certain parts of my body to the point where it gets depressingly emotional, but that still never drove me to doubting my level of attractiveness.

I’m fuckin’ fabulous!

She constantly asks about her outfit, if her hair is OK, if her makeup looks even, if she’s hot enough, if she looks skinny…

Now, hearing all of these questions from her are very annoying at this point, but usually I can say “Yeah looks good” to all of them. Except the skinny question. Every time “Do I look skinny in this?” I’m thinking “You’ve never been skinny”, but I say “Yeah!”

Horrible, I know. Girl is not skinny, but she’s also not fat. She has the body of a WOMAN!

Khloe Kardashian

 Curvy. Luscious. One look at her and you know she’ll birth healthy babies. Lots of ’em (if you’re into baby making like that).

She’s an all around beautiful person and I really wish she knew how well she’s actually workin’ it! Without having to ask people. That’s what takes away from enjoying her sexy. Either she learns to be confident in her own judgement, or pray to god that… “Boy” , the dude she’s finally talking to, is really into women who need that constant reassurance.

I just find it exhausting and depressing. Hunny, I can only Imagine how that damn mirror on the wall felt!

I also just feel like, if that already isn’t something mental, people like that are setting themselves up for a problem as such, or an eating disorder, or some kind of shitty abusive relationship or something, I don’t know.

I could be wrong. I just want her to be happy (and me not get so annoyed). I don’t think anyone should have a problem with the reflection they see in the mirror. I kinda feel like that’s one of those “unnecessary” type of problems people deal with, when they shouldn’t have to, that’s all. We should always feel happy in our own skin or at least make the necessary adjustments until we’ve finally reached that sweet spot.

Thanks for reading!


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