Temperature: below cold as fuck!

Can we just take a random ass moment to talk about the weather this past week?!? Over here in beautiful Myrtle Beach SC, we’ve endured our 2nd Ice age. the last time was already a bit of an adventure, because it was fuckin’ dangerous to simply walk across the highway to get a four loko without slipping and busting my ass, let alone trying not to get run over by all the cars that were sledding down the road.

There was this other time where it was so cold and super windy, and my dumb ass decided to walk home from my friend’s place. I don’t now how cold it was, but I can definitely tell you the temperature was below cold as fuck! I swear, I thought that was the end of me. The wind was blowing so hard and it was so cold, that I got so scared I was going to freeze into a gay little ni**a sickle and blow away with the wind. Hunny, no one would be able to find me after that. Clearly, I made it home safely, but I did learn to not go anywhere, when it gets cold around these parts.

This time, rather than snow, sleet or wind, everything got frozen over! Everything was glossed with ice. CCU was sending out alerts encouraging people to stay indoors, because of falling branches and trees even!! Hunny, of course we didn’t listen to shit like that, so I got to see my first tree fall sans an ax or chainsaw or a beaver. It was a sight to see, I’m not gon’ lie. I was also very very awestruck by all the trees that didn’t snap but simply drooped down super low.
CAM00393~2 CAM00395~2 CAM00396~2
The very next damn day it was fuckin gorgeous, the day was beautiful, the air was so warm and it looked as if the day before didn’t even happen. Hunny, I was amazed!

Hunny, tell me 'bout it!

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