Now entering “The Friend Zone”

So last Wednesday night my friends and I went to Karaoke for the first time this year!


It ended up being pretty fun. The place wasn’t packed in the slightest compared to a Friday/Saturday night, but that’s normal. To me, Karaoke night is more of an enjoy friends and drinks while supporting the drunkard who’s wailing his soul into the mic and out to the world kind of night. Simply chill. All the same people were there, singing the same songs they usually do, which is fine. No hate. Hunny, if I got up there and sang each time, I would sing the same two songs over and over again too: Usher’s You got it bad and Cable Car by The Fray.

When we got there, of course we had to take care of first things first, so to the bar we went. One of my friends was even kind enough to buy me a drink, because I wasn’t planning on spending any mulah that night, which didn’t work out by the way. I ended up buying, like, 7 beers. I just love the comfort of having a drink in my hand.
Anyway, here I am at this bar with my friends, when I just happen to look to my left and see this person I had gone on a “date” with, only because my intention was to kindly friend zone him.

Well shit, look who’s here…

I’ve known the guy for a hot minute now. I think I met him, like 3 years ago, my freshman year. I was in the club, livin’ it up, doin’ my thang, high on life and hot as fuck
(apparently), when he approached me and said how much he loved the way I danced. I simply said thank you and went about my happy business. As the years went on we would see each other from time to time and say hello and do all the small talk stuff. He was just one of those people that you’re happy to see, but you don’t want to know.
Fast forward to December 2013; I was out with my friends again. We were partying it up one last time before winter break, when everyone would have to go home-home. That night was when they guy took up the courage to ask me whether I had a boyfriend. At the time I was still involved with the Brit, so I gave him this “yeah, but no, but yeah, but no, but what do you want?” number. “I just figured you always had a boyfriend which is why I never asked you out”, he said. Honestly, that was a lot of sweet words in one sentence, but when they come from someone with whom I’ve already instilled in my heart that nothing is going to happen between us, I felt VERY wrong about having heard him say that to me.
BUT he’s nice. I’ve known him for a while. He wanted my number. That wasn’t happening! So I gave him my Facebook, so he could FRIENDrequest me and we could be “friends”. Hunny, that was the wrong motherfuckin’ thing to do on my part. The guy would write me semi daily about randomness, like how much he was enjoying the weather and that he might go to the beach… but not alone. He constantly suggested hanging out, but I knew what he was up to and I didn’t wanna break his heart, but I didn’t want to have it either. I’ve never been in a situation where I had to turn someone down, I’m usually the one who always gets turned down.
I asked my friends what I should do and they said “Be cold to the bitch”, “Don’t give a fuck”, “Don’t reply”. See, to me that all sounded so mean. If I don’t have to, I don’t want to be a mean person. But Hunny, that’s exactly why my ass ended up at a dinner table for two with that man. It wasn’t too bad though. I really felt like we were getting on a FRIEND level, and I stressed the word “FRIEND” any fucking chance I got, so I felt like I was in the clear.
Then a week goes by. I was experiencing a hangover like never before. I think it was the morning after New years, actually. I’m laying in my bed, unable to move, sick to my stomach, feeling weak as fuck, and still intoxicated enough to not be able to walk anyway. I did NOT want to talk to anybody. All I wanted was some fried rice and my sobriety back, and this guy writes me on Facebook and he went from friendly to hostility very quickly.
Here I am thinking we were on good terms, despite him not getting what he was out for. CLEARLY I was wrong, but at least this seemed like the best opportunity for me to come clean to the dude.
After that I de-friended and blocked him, because I was not about to start a war and I never should have allowed him out of the people-you-like-to-see-but-not-know realm anyway!
Of course I wish that he finds love and shit. Just not with me. And I hated how mean he got. That’s all.
Thanks for reading!

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