Always tryna please

Well the wait is over (for the time being at least). A bitch finally got HIRED!! Hunny, we all know what a struggle that’s been for me. All the clerical matters have been dealt with last week, and training will begin within the next few days. I’ll let you know how that goes. I’ll be doing retail. Women’s clothing. I’ll even be getting 10% off of the merchandise! Hunny, I’m not a dress-and-heels kind of gay, but leave it to me to find something in that store to utilize my discount on.

I could see myself dabbling in androgeny

I haven’t had much experience in retail, so hopefully I catch on and werk that field fairly quickly. Now that I’ve finally got something I’ve been wanting for months, I don’t want to give it up or lose it! Especially for something stupid. My friend recommended I apply for this job, so a heartfelt thank you goes out to her. She used to work there, but was unfortunately let go on account of no one liking her. Hunny, that is probably THE. ONE. WAY. I would NOT want to be terminated. Which is why every time I step foot in that store I try to be a raging force of positivity. “YES I CAN!”, “Let ME help YOU”, “I can do EVERYTHING!!” …but we all know that’s a lie.

I struggle with being honest about my circumstances that could potentially (more like definitely) affect my work availability. I have yet to learn how to drive, and even if I could, I don’t have a car. So my work life literally is determined by the bus schedule. No bus, no work. Unless the weather is nice and I feel like walking for a couple of hours.

I’ve told the boss-people my preferred schedule and all, but I doubt that’s gonna be taken in any type of consideration. I am SO dreading the day I get called in to work 2 minutes after missing a bus I could have taken.


I also would hate having to stay till closing and miss the last bus home because of it.

#publictransportationproblems I know.

Hopefully, in due time, my employers and I will love and care for each other so much that I can confidently come out to them about my situation and they do everything they can to support me in the matter.

Plus, I’m tryna a get a second job closer to home… hopefully they’re able to take that news fairly well. I always feel like that’s such a backstabbing thing to say to a boss. Or anyone for that matter. “I’ve met someone else!”

I just don’t wanna have to pay the damn bus fare everyday, that’s all.

Thanks for reading!


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