First day on the job

My first day on the job went pretty well I guess. Nothing too out of the ordinary. I felt so under pressure to know how to do everything that day. Working the cash register was terrifying for me. I felt like I was going so slow, I kept forgetting to promote the jewelry and ask whether the customer found everything ok. And then that receipt… Slipped my mind CONSTANTLY! If the customer didn’t ask, I couldn’t tell that I forgot something.

The manager took us on a tour of the store and told us about each and every clothing style or genre or theme or design, like, I really don’t know how to refer to these things. She explained how to determine which clothing article belongs in what section of the store.  Hunny, the lady went in depth about it and all, but to me it all looked the same. They all had the same patterns, same length, everything had lace, was see-through, was pink and white, and super fragile. The only thing I could really differentiate were the black studded things and even then, there apparently was a difference between rocker-chic, hobo-chic, and punk-chic. Like, Hunny what!?!

That was probably the most frustrating. Trying to figure everything out on my own. I did ask questions from time to time, but I wanted to keep the questions to a minimum. There’s such a fine line between asking too much and being annoying as fuck, and asking too little and coming off as though you just don’t give a fuck. The same thing goes for co-worker interaction. I don’t wanna be a kiss-ass, but I also wanna stay on that schedule! Be that guy who’s making bank and the one that everyone wants to work with.

I’ve already mentioned my scheduling preferences and the area I’d most would want to get more training in. I’m not tryna be a diva about it, but it’d be very convenient if I got what I want. Like, isn’t getting what we want always a convenience?! I wanna work in the back, because I’ve had a bit of warehouse experience, I think I’d learn very quickly what kind of clothing we get in the store; I feel like it’s more chill and physically challenging (I could use the exercise), and I simply don’t think I could handle costumer interaction for an extended period of time.

I consider myself very introverted. I can put on a show, now. Be very outgoing and approachable, but it does get very exhausting and it takes me a while to get into it. Retail in the states seems like one always has to scour over the costumer, which I find very awkward and annoying. But, you know, that’s what apparently works for America. I won’t argue. We’re all tryna make a livin’ here.

Thanks for reading!


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