First time I met a d!ck

It was fairly recent. I was 20 at the time, so 2 years ago. I was back home in Germany for the summer, which was an important summer for me because a lot of changes were going on in the family. After being born and raised overseas and calling Bavaria my home, my dad had decided he wanted to move back to the states to be with my step momster. So summer 2012 was the last time I got to step foot on German soil and see friends I’ve left behind when I moved to the US for school.

I made it a point to do something with my friends everyday. Especially on the weekends. The night started out like any other. We took the train to Regensburg, bar hopped and enjoyed each other’s company, while we waited till the clubs open up.

We went to Scala, which is the only gay club in the area, as far as I know. And I don’t think the club’s exclusively gay, but it’s definitely its most busiest on ‘Saturgay’.

This was my first time at Scala with my best friend since 1st grade.

So my friends and I were drinking and dancing, doing what people do in a party setting, when I suddenly lost them. I had no idea where they could have gone, but stuff like that doesn’t bother me too much, because I know at some point they’d come back. I can hold my own on a dance floor anyway.

So I’m over here dancing with my happy self, when a gin tonic descended from heaven! That’s one of my go-to drinks too, so I was all about it, Hunny! I turned around to check out who bought me a drink and it was this tall-as-fuck but ok looking dude. I just smiled and went back to sippin’ on mah drank, because I was under the impression he just had an extra drink he wanted to give away… clearly I was wrong. He grabbed me from behind, went into some awkward squat position, because of his fuckin height and then proceeded to press his pelvis against my ass. He didn’t even give it 30 seconds before he yanked my head back to make out with me.

At this point, I’m still playing it cool, but judging by the whole situation I could tell this guy was 1.very hammered and 2.probably a little too excited. He was making me nervous. He told me how beautiful I was and that we should take the party back to my place, but since I lived on a farm almost an hour away that wasn’t happening. So he offered to go to his place. I really didn’t want to go with him, but for some reason I just don’t know how to say ‘no’ and , I mean, he bought me that drink, and we made out, so I thought that’d be rude not to go with him, like… what the fuck was wrong with me!? Ya live and learn, Hunny, ya live and learn.

I tried to defuse the situation and change the subject by asking the guy “You do know I’m black, right?” only because in my experience, no one ever goes for the black guy. I really believed he was gonna take a good look at me, realize I’m black, and just walk away. I’ve NEVER been so wrong in my life! He showered me with more compliments telling me he’s never seen a black guy that looked the way I do and that I’m not like all the other guys in the city. Mind you, all I did was take his alcohol and stick my tongue down his throat… so he must be saying I’m easy.

He then grabbed me by the hand and started to walk to the exit. I looked around to see if I could find my friends, so I would have a reason not to go with him, but they weren’t anywhere in sight. So I tried calling them, but I had no service. And my stupid ass was still too scared to say no, or simply run away. He held me tightly under his arm and began to tell me how he considers himself bi on the way to his home, and that he gets picked on at school for it, and that he’s only had girlfriends, but always had been interested in exploring the world of boys. It was a nice little moment, and I was hoping we would end up just talking to each other, but he ruined it by telling me about the different colored condoms he has in his room.

We got to his apartment and went to his room. I sat on the edge of the bed, while he undid his shoes. I stared at my phone, texting my friend to please call me so I can act like she’s in trouble and that I have to go be with her, but the guy was coming back over, so I had to stop.

And now… the real kinky shit. This statue is right at the entrance of Scala btw.

He laid me down on the bed and started kissing me. He stopped for a brief moment to turn the lights off and then went back to making out with me. As he undressed me, all I remember thinking to myself were all the moments I could have ran away, or politely declined. I really couldn’t believe I was actually about to do it with a now perceived creeper! He had a little faint giggle going on. When he managed to get my clothes off he grabbed my… ‘member’ and began the whole fellatio bit.

Up until that moment I’ve only seen that (well everything having to do with sex, really) online, in my basement, 4 o’clock in the morning through a dial up connection. So it was pretty gnarly to be living it. That was also the moment I learned porn and the real thing are pretty different. For me at least. I didn’t really enjoy it. I could barely feel it. And giggling on my dick wasn’t helping the situation any bit.

Eventually, it was my turn. He rose from my dick, flopped over beside me and stared at me until I got the picture. Hell, I was hoping that concluded the night! But I got up and went down to his penis (very shlongy, as in big-as-fuck) and stared at it. I needed a moment to take in what my life had become in that instant. I was scared, but I couldn’t back out now. Well, I could have. There were a PLETHORA of moments where I could’ve backed out, but at that point, there was no need for a lifestyle change anymore. So I put it in my mouth, thinking the motions and the sucking will just come all on its own, so I had yet ANOTHER awkward little moment sittin’ on the bed with a dick in my mouth! The guy grabbed my head and moved me through the motions, as chivalrous as he was. I was getting the hang of it but, 17 seconds in, my jaw was killing me and he wasn’t even fully erect. He had a bit of a whiskey dick goin’ on. I slowed down to give myself a little break, but thankfully the guy told me he was tired. Well, I noticed his snoring as I was down there servicing his motherfuckin’ glans! So I laid next to him and waited a couple of hours for him to be in deep sleep. I got dressed, left his apartment and met up with my friends at the train station. I told them all about it. I was so glad there wasn’t any butt-sex or ejaculation involved that night, or I probably would not have bounced back from that experience as quick as I did.

Thanks for reading!


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