This too shall pass

I experienced sexual assault Saturday November 2nd 2013.

I was out with my friends as usual (I’m starting to notice allot happens when I go out). The night was very standard, like, nothing was too crazy, there was no drama amongst any of our friends or acquaintances, nobody was hitting on us too hard, I mean, nothing.

It happened when we were on our way out of the club. My friends and I went over to this tiny bar in the corner of the club to say goodbye to one of the drag queens everybody loves. She’s not my cup of tea, but there’s no reason for being rude. As I was walking towards my friends, this man of a particular age stopped me in my tracks. Clearly hammered, clearly high on life, and clearly happy to see me. And I’m not talking about his boner. I noticed that later.

He shouted “HEEEEYY!!!” and gave me such a warm embracing hug, and told me how happy he was to see me, but I had no idea who the fuck he was, which still gave me no reason to be standoff-ish. With his arms still tightly wrapped around me, he started moving in a dance-y kind of way. I went along with it. It’s not like it was a big deal for me, I do it all the time. When he pressed his boner against me, licked my ear and said “I’m so wet”, that’s when things got a little iffy.

I replied saying “haha…that’s ok, it happens?”, which, I mean, is true, but I guess for him that meant “I’m READY for ya!!!”, since he rammed me up against the wall, pressing and grinding his boner against me, as he mauled my neck ferociously. He literally was chewing on my neck. I couldn’t breath I couldn’t move, there was no way I could grab him and push him off of me.

It felt the way this right here ↓ looks.

It took a little while for my friends to jump in and help a brother out. I guess they were trying to determine whether I was seriously getting hot and heavy with this man, or if I was helplessly grasping for dear life. Eventually, they jumped in and freed me from his grip. I collapsed to the ground and my friend had to drag me away from the guy. When I looked up at the man my friend was holding back, he shouted:



I felt so disgusting the rest of that night and the next day. I was glad nothing more serious happened, but I still couldn’t completely get over what had happened until my bruises healed, which thankfully only took a couple of days. When I would wake in the morning or do something throughout the day and randomly notice the pain in my neck, it made me think back on how helpless I was, and made me feel like some piece of meat. A SEXY piece of meat, but piece of meat none the less. Anyways, until that moment, I felt as though, despite some sticky situations I’ve been in, I always had some level of control. But in this one, it was like nothing was going on at all; almost like an outer body experience I guess. I was just there physically, not mentally.

As the saying goes:

And Hunny, it did!

Thanks for reading!


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