Bitch can hold a grudge.

Of course I can forgive people, but I don’t like repeating offenders. It does not matter how long I have known somebody. If something just doesn’t seem to be working out between us anymore, without notice, I will drop you, ignore you; of course be cordial with you in public, but hate every minute of it!!

There has been one recent occasion, where I thought I had to drop a bitch, and another, where a bitch has been dropped. Until further notice of course, but I don’t see that happening any time soon, as of right now.

The one I thought I was about to discontinue a friendship with was the one I recently talked about, who had the communication issue.

The Problems I had with the other dude were pretty much the same as the issues I had with my communicationly challenged friend, but first off, I was romantically involved with the guy, so I’m sure that did play a roll in the strong dislike that I currently feel for him now, but I also want to put out there that I tried very hard to avoid being “The angry ex”, but I failed… so I’m mad about that too. Even though I’m gonna try to focus on why I’m gonna stay mad at this person, I’ll also admit that I’m mad at myself for letting things come to what they have. Because in a way, I saw it coming.

The bitch had it coming.

In addition to communication problems, the guy had issues fitting in with my friends and adjusting to our humor. whether the joke was targeted towards him, one of my friends or a complete stranger, any joke of any kind was always wrong and rude in his eyes. If he wasn’t getting the attention he was looking for on a night out, he would get depressed. When he got depressed he wouldn’t want to talk about it. The same goes for when he got mad, or felt offended.

Hunny, apparently my whole existence was nothing but a big offensive slap in the face to him…

I’m so offended, waaah!

When he would get in that state of mind, it was very hard to talk to him and convince him that nothing (too) offensive was intended (it was all in the name of fun and games, after all). Every time, when the guy would finally get to a point where he could finally talk about whatever issues he had with me or any of my friends, the issue for my friends and I would already be irrelevant. However, being the person I was to him, I would listen and straighten things out with him and everyone else (before he would run off and mess shit up for himself again).

I did this repeatedly for the guy. He kept saying he would do better and not take things seriously and my dumb ass would take his word for it.

Fool me once or twice, shame on me, I guess. Any other time after that…

For me, in my life, he’s a lost cause. It just gets exhausting after a while, constantly trying to help and be a friend to someone who emotionally and confidence wise, isn’t on the same level as myself and everyone else that I surround myself with. I tried, but after a while, I get sick of being patient and having to go out of my way for something that, at the moment at least, seems hopeless.

Good luck to him though.

Thanks for reading!



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