The rape escape

My friends and I were spending a night out on the town, as usual. We were dancing it up, drinking it up, living it up and everything else that people usually tend to do when partying in a club. It was someone’s birthday that particular evening, which called for a club night in the first place.

Anyway, when I dance I tend to sweat a lot and fairly quickly (sexy, I know), so I like to go to the bathroom and catch a breather and wipe myself down. Now, there are many different kinds of people that lurk in the hallway that leads to the bathroom: Friends who wait for friends, people looking for a quiet spot to take a selfie, loners, upset people looking for a private place to cry and horny people on the prowl.

After re-sexifying myself, a guy stopped me in the hallway as I was on the way out of the bathroom. He was an older looking man. Maybe mid 40’s/early 50’s, or maybe even a very rough mid 30’s, but I wasn’t trying to know his life. He stopped me to ask what my name was, which I had no problem giving to him. The real creepiness started when he took me to a little nook in the club and asked “what are you about to do tonight?”

Hunny, any time a man leads me away from civilization and asks “what are you about to do tonight?”, or “what are you about to get into?”, or “what’s up with you?” or anything remotely similar to that, there’s an inevitable likelihood that what I’m about to do is put myself in a sticky situation that I never had intentions of being in…. and I mean sticky as in “oh shit, how the hell did my life come to this?”, not “oh shit, cum on me wherever you want, because I’m a nasty, easy whore!”

Like always, I played it cool, tried to stay calm and gave the guy a quick synopsis of it being my friend’s birthday and that I was in the club to celebrate him, but the guy rudely interrupted me by asking “you like big dick?” as he grabbed my hand and guided it to his crotch. He was erect, hard as a rock and massive! I complimented him on his… fine piece, tried to keep things light, and simply just not make a scene, because I already knew that thing wasn’t going to go anywhere near the insides of my body. He proceeded to fondle me a little bit as well and asked that damn question yet again “what are you about to do tonight?” As if my plans had suddenly changed after witnessing his huge dick. Hunny, I’m not at that point in my life, where all someone has to do is show or let me feel the outline of an erect shlong, as a way of  getting at  my P.M.A (penis, mouth and ass),like, NO!!

He started to fondle himself in front of me, and told me that he lives behind a McDonald’s close by. Very persistant, this guy, but I explained to him that I really could not just run off with somebody and leave my friends behind. I reiterated the birthday bit and said that my friends were probably looking for me, when in reality, those bitches had yet to realize I even went missing! I had said enough though, to where I was able to get away from the man, until he magically reappeared outside of the club!! I was very confused as to how he made it outside before me. But it was whatever, I just waved hey to him. He then asked me whether I could help him find his car. I wanted to say no, but of course I didn’t. I told him my friends were across the street in some bar and that I needed to meet up with them. The guy said he would drive me across. the. street. once we found his car. I figured what he was saying was bullshit, but I went along with it. His car was literally 15 feet down the side walk; a red looking sports car. As soon as we got to the car I said my goodbyes, but the guy said “get in the car I’ll drive you”.

I was very, very hesitant to get in, but my dumb-ass decided to just do it. My thought process was: if he doesn’t take me where he said he will, I can either beat his ass, call the authorities, jump out of the car, or kill us both. I felt so ready. The guy ends up driving past where he said he would take me, which was supposed to be that bar across the street. We stopped at a red light, so I asked him whether he was taking a detour. “Oh I didn’t know you really wanted to go there!”, he said as he whipped out his dick. “you wanna touch it?”

I was fuckin’ speechless! The light turned green and I already had scenarios playing in my mind of this man taking me behind McDonald’s, raping the shit out of me and throwing my body in the dumpster just in time for trash pick-up. As I listened to the sounds of this man’s hand gliding up and down his shaft, I reached into my pocket for my phone, so I could write a goodbye text message to my friend. I wrote what happened, gave him the name and description of the guy and his car, and I even told my friend to check all local McDonald’s dumpsters for my body, before the trucks could get to them in the morning.

It was at that point when the man turned his car around and took me where I needed to be. I sat in the car in the parking lot outside of the bar for a little while longer, because I ended up feeling bad that this guy wasn’t gonna get any P.M.A… With me at least. He requested for me to talk about anything I could think of, so that he could finish masturbating to my voice. I started telling him something that was school related, I think. Eventually I just could not take the situation seriously anymore and got out of the car. It was beginning to be too much.

Glad I dodged that bullet!


Thanks for reading!


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