Why, where, who, when, what is Love?

A couple weekends ago, a friend of mine asked the most random-as-fuck question on the way home after our post-club breakfastfood run. I  just call it “random-as-fuck”, because that night, almost everybody was in the midst of hating and talking shit about different people we were hanging out with, when out of the blue, my friend asked “why does love even exist?”

Wait, what??

Hunny, love was the last thing on everybody’s mind! I know I personally was plotting how I can subtly walk all over and eradicate the already low self esteem of a person, that no longer is welcomed around me or my friends. But, I mean, if they still like him, of course he can hang… I just won’t be nice.

Anyway, when my friend asked that question, like I said, it was very random, kinda adorable;  it made me wonder what was going on in that little head of his, but really, it was an interesting question, and I could just feel it in my soul that everybody I was hanging out with that night had their own feelings and views on the subject.

I haven’t necessarily thought about why love exists, but I do tend to ask myself, why love is so hard to find and/or keep? I love the idea of love: having that one-and-very-sexy-only, that partner in crime, that ride or die bitch, the one that completes your life; the one you’re always excited to see at the end of the day (after alcohol and some take out).

But where the fuck is that kinda love?!? It’s so hard trying to find “the one for life”! Hunny, can’t even find “the one for just a little while”, let alone “the one for just a damn night, or day, or lunch hour”, but that’s not really my thing anyway.

Of course there are numerous online dating sites and apps out there that are meant to make finding “the one” a little easier, and yeah, I could consider signing myself up for that shit, but I’m not THAT desperate, old, or in a rush (no offense to those who are).

I’m not ready to settle down like that anyway. Obviously, deep down inside, I kinda really do want that shit for myself, but I feel like “love” can easily become a distraction from the other things in life one wants to achieve for themselves. Like, it really does tie you down in some ways, and I’m aware some people out there believe that in order to make a relationship work, for love’s sake, one needs to make sacrifices… but Hunny, ain’t nobody got time for that!!! Not in this day and age.

 I’m still fairly young and I’m just now starting to figure out and find my place in the world anyway.

I still have plenty of time to find that special someone and figure out what I actually want, when it comes to my love life (granted I don’t suffer a sudden tragic death or something). The best thing I can do is just go day by day and roll with the punches. Go with the flow, ya know? The greatest things usually happen when unexpected anyway, right?

But I can’t be waiting too long! These looks won’t last forever, ya know…


I wonder how I’ll meet the Brad to my Angelina

Or the Mac to my Cheese

Or the Jay Z to my Beyonce’

The chaser to my shot

The Victoria to my Secret


Very exciting, scary, mysterious stuff huh?

Thanks for reading!




  1. Wow! That is so amazing! I’m so glad you liked it enough to share it on your page. That topic really has been somethng I find myself marinating on a lot lately. Maybe someone else could share their point of view!

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