“Can’t keep waiting til tomorrow”

These past several days this month have not been very favorable for me. I had a construction company commercial lined up, but never got to shoot, since people from the actual company wanted to be in it. For that unpaid commercial, I missed three days of much needed work hours. I did not realize how much I needed those missed three days, until all of my hours for the next week got cut due to the store not making enough money. Since, the store is not making enough money, I obviously have no money.

Alas, here I am. Alone in my lowlife, dirty, sketchy, cat-hair infested apartment. Hungry, bored, chillin’ in my bed, butt-ass naked and cozy under the sheets.


It’s a bummer, but I ain’t complainin’.

Aside from the obvious “I could be making money” aspect, I like having a day or two (or WEEK or FUCKING MONTHS!!!!) to myself. I like it when life just slows down. I can take my time and enjoy the simple things in life

like, day drinking

delivery food

and processing my thoughts, emotions, and all the basic aspects of my life in general.

Sitting around the house and doing shit like this clearly won’t get me anywhere in life, but I’ve noticed that if I don’t occasionally do stuff like this, I tend to lose sight of the bigger picture, and forget the importance and necessity of the little steps that will (hopefully) aid me in reaching the ultimate goal. Plus, sometimes I don’t want to get the fuck up.

However, whenever I don’t get up,whenever I stay in bed, whenever I’m stuck at the house and ESPECIALLY, whenever I can’t even afford a damn FOUR LOKO, I realize why I need to get up, push myself, be eager, disciplined and a bit of a bitch.

I can’t keep waiting til tomorrow.


Thanks for reading!


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