vivid dreams

My Dream in Audio

I woke up in some trashy motel feeling dizzy, as if I had been drugged or something. Upon waking up, I noticed young children passed out (or even dead) on the floor. The room felt like it was spinning but eventually, I had come back to my senses and realized a big black bald headed man performing fellatio on me. I really felt nothing. I was stunned, shocked, appalled, but too scared to react. Then I heard crying. So I looked around to see who it was. It was this a kid named Joseph that I went to school with. He filled me in that we were all kidnapped by the black man and that we were to do everything he says or he would lock us up or even kill us. The black man made us do stuff with each other. Of course I wasn’t about to die, so I was very down to do whatever it took in order to stay alive, and find a way to eventually escape. I calmed Joseph down the best way I could and explained to him that we needed to stick together and be conscientious of what we do from this point on, as I began to go down on him. We did everything one could possibly do in homosexual foreplay: Kissing, licking butt, fingering, blow jobs, etc… The black man hovered over us, watching each and every move, yelling at us whenever we did something that wasn’t pleasing to him. Eventually Joseph orgasmed and the ejaculate landed in the black mans face. In my dream, it was a lot. As if one took a bucket of milk and threw it in a bitches face. It burned the black man’s eyes, so he jumped up screaming all Godzilla style and quickly left the room.

I ran the opposite direction and locked myself in the bathroom. I felt sick to my stomach, was depressed and pondered why people even do such things to others; why no one was looking for me, where Joseph went, how I will get out of this situation… there was a lot going on. However, my thoughts were interrupted when I heard movement going on outside of the bathroom. I heard a young child’s voice asking where her father was. She wanted to play with him, but her mother came running after her telling her she needed to go back to the basement with mommy, while daddy was working. The mother, who had the voice of some beat-up crack whore, continued to tell her daughter that she will eventually have all the playtime in the world with daddy, once she’s older. I never left the bathroom. Then I woke up.

I think about this dream from time to time, and I even read up on dream interpretations. I haven’t gone into too much depth, but I have learned that something is obviously bothering me, or that I am scared about something. One thing for sure is that I am unhappy with my current life, and I really want to move on from that. I just currently don’t know how to do that in the best way. I know that I’m ready, but I feel so stuck.

We all have problems, and for us they are so real, painful, and unavoidable. We all, in one way or another seek for help, however, (unfortunately) no one really cares about your problems, until it’s too late and they’ve already become some sad tragedy.

That’s what I mainly got out of this dream.

Thanks for reading!!


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