We all know how real the struggle is. Just tryna go day by day making as few fuck-ups as possible, but Hunny, Life has it’s way of shitting on you when you least expect it! After something like that, all you can really do is get up, take a shower. Dats not wut we do here tho! We bitch and moan. Here’s a little excerpt of some of my struggles and annoyances.


So I work in retail and we only carry female oriented clothing. Most of the time the females that come to my store

  • travel in packs
  • want to try on more clothing than they can physically carry
  • need to be in a room together, OR ‘that one friend’ is hovering over the door like a horny peeping Tom

THEN when it’s time for the reveal, like an incoming thunder storm, that shit gets louder and more ridiculous. “OMG! That is so cute” Oh yeah, so cute” I like it! It’s cute” “It’s so cute!” SO cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! cute!  cute! cute! cute!

Then they buy nothing…


I don’t even know how to explain how much this word has been gettin on my last nerve! Obviously, I’m being asked a simple question, but the way some questions get asked, I just don’t like it. So let’s say I’m friends with Angelina Jolie, ok? We just kickin it back in one of her mansions. Brad’s got the kids and were sippin on, I don’t know, something expensive and laughing with each other when, suddenly, she tells me

“Hey, I’m going to a 3rd world country pretty soon to help people”

“Why? They’re diseased, dirty, and poor.

If I was Angie I would’ve punched me in the cock, but at the same time, it was just a simple question. So why would she do that?


So maybe I’m acting up just a little bit at my job, but it’s only because I love everybody there! Haha, not really. I just wished we could get our shit together as far as communication and teamwork goes. Nobody’s listening to anybody and since I’m not in a place of power, I can’t call a bitch out, or my damn hours/job would be on the line. On top of that, there are people who just piss. me. off. for breathing the same air as me. It’s even worse since they own me. I try to lay low and pray my hail Marys, but ‘The Man’ is always up my asshole no matter how much I desperately try to avoid him!

What else can ya do, really… let Jesus take the wheel I guess.


I literally spend most of my day sitting and waiting. I wait on the bus, I wait till it’s time to go to work, I wait even longer when I’m trying to get home. My paychecks, the microwave, the weekend, getting drunk… A lot of waiting. It’s not too much the waiting though. I’ve done it for as long as I can remember, but there is something about it that’s getting old. I feel very dead and dull whenever I do anything that doesn’t consist of friends and alcohol, which is awesome but still shitty in a way. I guess I just have nothing else to live for anymore.

(and I mean that in the most non suicidal way possible)

being broke.

Is it bad that I wanna be filthy rich?! Like, I know money doesn’t buy happiness. As angry as I tend to sound sometimes, I am in fact a pretty happy fella. If I only had oodles of mulah tho, Hunny, that would be the ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles AND the motherfuckin cherry on top!

Thanks for reading!


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