Love thyself, bitch!

With most things that I tend to enjoy doing by myself it may seem as though I am very alone and depressed, but Me’ should always be the first person I choose every time. Having another person in your life, like a boyfriend or girlfriend, those in my opinion are enrichments. They’re a beauty, not a necessity. They make life easier, better, more enjoyable to be apart of.

What you need to do is love yourself first. I don’t care what you say, but if you don’t love yourself first, not yo mamma, not ya daddy,  not ya sista, brotha, lova is gonna be able to show you the love that they want to give you, and that you deserve, because there still are parts of you that you won’t accept and love yourself. More often than not, your flaws are the very things that these people in your life love about you. If your flaws are really that bad, change it. Like, c’mon that’s common sense. Don’t know how? Support is out there. Ask and you shall receive, Hunny!

With all that being said, it’s OK to feel lonely and like an Utter. Piece of. SHIT! every now and then. I mean Hunny, it’s such a homosapien thing to do. Just don’t let that fool consume you. That’s when it gets tragic. Obviously, take the time you need, but make it a point to get over it as soon as possible. It’s not necessarily that hard. It’s just realizing that you are capable of doing so that appears to be the tricky part.

Thanks for reading!


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