The hell am I doing with my life?!

Lately I’ve been feeling as though I am working towards everything and nothing at the same time. Bills and work. Every day I wake up thinking how am I going to satisfy the Man, how can I please the landlord or debt collectors. How am I going to afford my next happy hour?? It’s very upsetting going day by day under the impression that I am only working for someone else, as opposed to working for myself in pursuit of my dreams.

I totally thought life was all about give and take. I certainly always try to make MY work/business encounters a win-win situation. “I”ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine”, ya know? Of course that’s not always possible, and in moments like that, one really has to think about whether to be selfless or not, but I still hope that something I’ve done meant something to someone’s  life, whether it was to one person, a family, a company,  community, or even the world for all I care.

We all want to make our mark on this world. Some marks will be “bigger” than other’s, but I certainly hope to leave some kind of impression somewhere in this world; Making our society, or world a better place. Because literally, isn’t that a life goal we all want for ourselves? To do what we love and be remembered for it? Or, to just lay on your death bed and right before you go out, think to yourself “Yeah, I did fucking GOOD!”

Celebrities and/or world leaders may get most of the praise for their good causes, but do not think for one second that your good isn’t relevant. I frequently have to remind myself of this. I may not be where I want to be in life, but at least I’m making the best out of wherever the fuck I am right now. I make people laugh, smile, and I don’t feel all too useless. Little things like these I usually tend to overlook whenever I’m feeling down, but thank God for the people in my life who always remind me that my life isn’t as shitty as it seems.

Hopefully you have a relative, friend or co-worker that points out all that good that you’ve done, and all the good that you are. Better yet, hopefully you never have to experience such dark feelings about your life.

Then again, Hunny, even Jesus wept. So don’t feel weird.

Thanks for reading!


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