Vodka makes anything mix

I beat around the bush, he’ll happily burn a bridge

I’m old, he’s young

I’m fat, he’s skinny

I’m black, he’s white

I’m android, he’s i phone

I’m commercial, he’s couture

I’m Mother Mary, he’s Marilyn Monroe

I’m just me, he’s simply he

But We, are pretty,

We, are fabulous,

And We, never turn down a Turn Up!

(We get along pretty well too, that’s a plus.)

Oil and water may not mix, but they definitely know how to lean on one another and have each other’s back. Water is always there to lift Oil back up when it falls, and Oil shows great patience no matter what state water may be in. Hunny, that’s what a good friendship is all about!

Thanks for reading!


Hunny, tell me 'bout it!

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