Real vs. Fake

I like to consider myself a pretty all around good guy. I say please and thank you, I’m a pleasant customer, I ask for food from my friends’ plates, I share my alcohol, and whenever I find myself in an argument, instead of beating the shit out of that ass, I use “I feel” statements. Hunny, don’t I sound AMAZING!?

Despite being such a model citizen, even I have been called fake on numerous accounts. Mostly by people who hate me, but let’s not start pointing fingers. It does leave me to wonder though. At what point does one become Real or Fake?

It’s kind of a general consensus that real people simply say it like they mean it. If there’s something they don’t like, you’ll find out. If they are mad at someone, the poor victim will most definitely be notified. If they gain a reputation of being a Bitch, oh well… real people wear that crown proudly! Sometimes, their words can cut deep, like, real deep. No matter friend or foe, no one is safe from a real bitch. All they speak is the truth and the truth hurts indeed.

Then there’s fake people: They tend to portray themselves as a person of trust and respect (like me). They’ll hear you out whenever you need to spill that good tea (known as your personal life) and post oodles of Facebook, twitter, and instagram updates confessing their love and loyalty to the friendship… only to fuck you in the ass with an ice pick.

Even though there’s, like, a very distinct difference between the two, when ya think about it, Hunny, real and fake people are all real and fake people.

When I hear a person say I’m real, it’s almost like they’re saying “Don’t trust me, I’m crazy and I like to be a dick, but instead just call it honesty.”

When I hear a person call another person fake, I think to myself “No, you just got your feelings hurt very badly by someone you least expected in a way that got you by surprise… and you mad.”

People are always real, as far as I’m concerned. They talk about hopes, dreams, wants, concerns. We all let people in to a certain extent. We want people to know us and feel what we’re feeling. We like having some kind of a connection to others. However, somehow we end up keeping it surface level, since we often have come across people we can’t, or don’t want to be real with. The’re are times when a Person takes a chance and finally opens up to Someone, but if that Someone isn’t feeling the realness they’re getting, THEY get real and let that Person know. THEN (unfortunatelly, more often than not) shit gets real, feelings get hurt and Someone gets labeled fake by Person.

It’s really all about the situation and how it was handled. There won’t always be a win-win situation and people forget that we can simply agree to disagree sometimes; and since we all wanna be Topnotch bitches instead of level headed individuals, unnecessary fights break out and we’re left with sore losers, eroded friendships and broken hearts. Hunny, I don’t think anybody really wants that for themselves.

Sometimes you simply have to let the fire burn out, before getting the chance to figure out what caused it. Many valuable things me be lost forever, but at least you know you saved yourself.


Thanks for reading!


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