“wyd lol”

Do you know that feeling of being in a room full of strangers at a party with your one friend? Your friend is holding their own: flirting, talking to the hot guy or girl, while you’re basically living in their shadow? Yeah, me all the time. I never seem to be able to take it upon myself to compliment someone on their looks let alone ask for their name. Since that’s mostly the case, I’m always so flabbergasted when someone takes interest in me and wants to get to know me more. Like, MORE! Unfortunately, most people I attract I’m not attracted to. I think to myself ‘Omg what’s going on right now?’, ‘In what direction is this conversation supposed to be going, because I hate that it’s even come this far’, ‘Should I tell him he’s wasting his time now, or after we’re done with this drink?’

I sound like a bitch huh? Trust me, I’m thankful. Any attention I can get, I eat it up.

I could have been one of those sad tales about the girl who never got attention… and DIED! Just kidding, but there once was a time when I was convinced no one was into me at all.

Looking back, I’ve come across PLENTY of people whose coming-on-to-me game was too strong. I was just a bit of an oblivious dumb-ass and wasn’t picking up what they were throwing down. At the time, I wasn’t familiar with that type of courtship, ya know?

  • “We should hang out some time lol”
  • “You should help me with this English paper lol”
  • “So when we finally gonna chill lmao”
  • “I know it’s a pretty late but you should totally come over loLOL”  and the list goes on.

Even though I haven’t deeply delved into the date-asphere, when someone wanted some of my personal time and affection, I was used to having that want communicated to me in a clear and to the point type of fashion; whether verbally, physically or Hunny even in written form (#middleschool)! Now that I’ve lived a little and am less spacey than what I used to be, I cringe whenever someone new wants to hang out with me. An immense pressure comes over me, because “We should hang out some time” could mean the one thing, or that other thing!

I just don’t wanna be the bitch that asks for clarification lol

  Thanks for reading!!


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