Collector of tools

There may be things in my future life that I will experience and not be used to, but because of the life that I have lived, I do believe in acceptance of anything that comes my way.

They say that “everything happens for a reason.” I believe whatever happens to me is setting me up for greatness even if it, at that particular time in my life, appears to be a major setback. Yeah, my past decisions do affect everything that will happen in my future and Hunny, I’ve made some dumb-ass decisions before, but at least I’m the type that always looks on the bright side. I  may be prolonging whatever ‘destiny’ has in store for me by being such a fuck-up, but with the positive thinking that I have going on, I’m just getting an early start on how to deal with all the bullshit I’ll face later on in life.

I tend not to stray away from difficult obstacles, whether it’s something as avoidable as a mean teacher, boss or any person in general, OR something as inevitable as bills, a dirty room, and sudden sickness. Hunny, everybody has to deal with that shit at some point; one way, or another. So I might as well learn today, right?!

Regardless of the outcome, a new awakening comes upon you. You either realize where your faults lie and learn to do better, or you realize where your strengths lie and learn to effectively put them to use.

While I’m still young, I want to come across as many shitty obstacles as possible…

#notreally #jk

However, I do feel like it will greatly benefit me, if I experience life, before life really hits me.


Collect as many life tools as possible. Early. You never know when they might come in handy.


Thanks for reading!


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