Comfort in Loneliness

When I think of the word loneliness, I imagine someone in a depressed like state in need of another person’s company and/or validation just to know that one’s alive and accepted in this world. It’s a wonderful feeling to receive such reassurance, but it can obviously be pretty damaging during times when one can’t find that. Like a drug, you take it, get high, feel great, come down, need more, have none, and now you’re losing your shit. Going through great lengths to experience that euphoric feeling which only lasts for but a brief moment. Then it’s back to square one: Loneliness, dissatisfaction, insecurity, hopelessness and desperation. Doing the wrong things for the most relatable of reasons.

When it comes to being alone on the other hand, especially since I’m all about some alone time, I picture a person in need of some time to reflect, to recharge, to figure things out. Paying specific attention to any, and everything that comes to mind.

A person who doesn’t mind being alone for extended periods of time simply desires to be in their own world for a while. That’s not to say that lonely people don’t have a little world of their own either, but Hunny, aren’t we all a little bit uncomfortable being in a place we’ve never been to before?

Da fuck am I?!?

I feel like people who don’t like being alone with their thoughts have simply grown to become unfamiliar with them. We allow ourselves to get so consumed by our daily lives, be it school, work, the media, our social life or a personal tragedy, that we forget what it’s like to sit, think, process, and dream. Of course all of these outside forces can influence what goes on in our individual little worlds, but we shouldn’t allow that to make us become disconnected from them.

Like the world we physically live in, the world in our minds has its dark and bright sides. Obviously, on the bright side, everything is clear and laid out in a way that is easy to understand and to embrace. The dark side is just that, dark. No clear vision of what lies before or behind us. This can be very troubling for many of us at different times, but like the Yin and Yang symbol, there’s a bright side in the dark and a darkness in the light. There’s good and bad in everything. It’s all about perspective.

When things are going well, just know that all good things do come to an end. When things are bad, Hunny, you’re still living and breathing, so there’s still hope for a positive outcome… but yo ass gotta werk for it.

When the feeling of loneliness arises, just know that there’s actually someone whose still in the room. You.

There’s balance in everything.

Dance in the playfulness of the sun, but learn to also flirt with the mystery of the moon.


Thanks for reading!


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