Becoming Homeless

“Written Notice To Tenant”

I should’ve known there was going to be a problem the very first month of living together, which honestly, I kinda did, but she had just got here and of course maybe it would take her a while to understand the ropes of things; BUT she was coming from a more expensive living situation and should have already known the ins and outs, when it comes to paying monthly rent. Utilities were included in her old rent, so I did cut her some slack with that, but at the same time, I broke down all the bills to the point where I had hoped she would get the picture the very first time. The slack I gave her was only a limited time offer type of deal.

Even the landlord asked me if I was sure about leasing with her as my roommate for another 6 month or year term, and my ass defended the bitch knowing good and well I probably shouldn’t do that. I just like thinking people can change for the better, even if it takes a little patience. Hunny, I got patience in spades, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize when I’m being tried. Especially after talking to my roommate on multiple occasions about her needing to get her act together and paying closer attention to getting her money to their designated places, which didn’t include her pockets, or the ones of her drug dealers’.

“Your Rent Is In Arrears”

Rent really should have been doable for her. Coming from a $500-$600/mo rent to a $650/mo rent, (which we split! So we’re really talkin $325/mo) and if the bitch learned how to turn off some lights and performed a few other energy saving practices, the electric bill wouldn’t have been so steep either!

I knew when she got paid and how often she worked at least 1 out of her 2 jobs, since we worked together! So it didn’t make any sense to me that she, for some reason, always came up short. Then again she’s a major stoner, always eats out, won’t let up (even a little bit) on that crown apple (which is delicious tho!); she had just bought a fake ID and therefore went out and dropped mad money at the bar a lot.She went to a music festival, and Disney World with some guy she had just met and started fucking, along with his entire family, AND she also went back home to Cali, all in the span of 3 months I believe. She said all her expenses were paid for, but Hunny, even if the rest of my life were to be paid for, that don’t mean I left my wallet containing my sorry ass paycheck at home! All I  know is that I didn’t see any o’ dat munny she owed me. And I eventually found out that the landlord hadn’t been seeing any of it for a whole two months either!

“Pay Within 5 days Of This Notice”

What makes me more disappointed about her is the fact that I really liked living with her. I liked my old roomies too, but with her I didn’t deal with any second hand relationship drama,  AND she didn’t low key wanna fuck me and/or any of my friends, which was a plus. Not gon’ lie tho, she did bring another pet into my life, even though I really cannot with those…but I mean, you can’t have it all, right?!?

Literally, that cat of hers deserves its own story of how much I detested it! He always seemed like that person you know that you constantly feel uncomfortable around, because your not sure whether he just really likes you, or wants to specifically be the one and only one to murder you. Please tell me why the fuck I would ever wanna look after something like that!?! And make sure it gets fed?? I’m no stranger to wanting to kill a pet before it can possibly kill me. It kinda freaks me out that they understand “sit” and “stay” or can remember a feeding schedule or whatever else the fuck we humans teach them, but all I know is that a purr or waging tail is a good sign. Still, that doesn’t mean I know what this animal is happy about. For all I know they could have completed the plan for my epic demise!…And my dumb ass over here givin them treats…No! Fuck that and her!

“You Will Get No Other Notice”

As soon as she started being flaky during a time where there was no time for any of that, best believe I got rid of that cat. My roomie at the time told me she had someone to look after the cat and come over and feed it, but during the whole time my roomie was gone, I had not seen this other bitch once! I threw a party and vented to my friends about it and one of them offered to take that cat for me. I did not hesitate to let that happen. The very next day was when the caretaker bitch showed up. I  was in the living room getting all types of turnt when she had showed up. For a hot minute I thought this was a break in robbery, but then she said “I’m here to feed the cat” and I was like “ok”, knowing good and well dat cat not in here no mo. After a hot minute, the girl came back and said she couldn’t find the cat, and like the bitch I was, I started looking in the cabinets and the freezer and shit, like: “Noooo! I cant find him either!” I knew I got rid o’ dat joker, and I not sorry!

Of course moments later after the girl left, I got a text from my roomie asking me if I knew where the cat was, but I said ‘idk’. I could’ve started some necessary shit right then and there, but I was done with texting back and forth. We were on the brink of losing our house anyway! What the fuck is a house-cat good for, if we don’t have a house to keep it in anyway??? As much as I hate the cat my thing was that at least one of us needs to be in good hands; might as well be the cat.

“Tenant(s) Failed To Pay Rent When Due”

The hoe didn’t even break a sweat about the cat anyway. She allegedly lives with her BF (the Disney one) and his dog now. She also apparently neglected her friends that she used to refer to as #squad. I understand that friends tend to come and go and what not, but I feel like I’ve reached a new level with my current friends throughout this whole process of being homeless and crazy.

“Vacate The Premises Within 10 Days”

My #squad literally all came to my house the day of my eviction, grabbed what they could, put it in their cars, stored whatever they could in their homes, and let me crash for however long they could allow. I def felt like I overstayed my welcome everywhere I squatted. It wasn’t my intention for sure, so I surely tried to be as invisible as possible. I have no idea how they all truly felt during the whole “hosting me at their place” process, but I for one, didn’t like the thought of having to come home to a place that wasn’t even mine to begin with. I would not be surprised if my friends, later down the road, were to ever tell me that at some point, they weren’t all  excited about coming home, only to see me on the couch, or their floor, or in the guest room, or having to take me to work all the time, even though all that work I’m doing isn’t getting me a new home of my own.

I was very appreciative about the fact that I didn’t have to hear that tho. I already fucking knew I had fucked up. That was enough of a burden for me. I’m fine with the feeling of being burdened and having to figure things out for myself, because, I mean, don’t we all?? It’s just a whole ‘nother ball game when I feel that way, but at the same time, somehow get my girls involved in it as well. That’s my one big issue with needing help/ getting help (from people that actually wanna, or are willing to help). We all have problems that seem to linger and/or worsen. Some may be bigger than others, some a little or a lot different than others in comparison, but either way, they’re problems that are haunting us, or keeping us from being at total peace.

“Failure To Vacate Resulted In Issuance Of A Writ Of Ejectment” 

We all have that one thing we do to distract ourselves from whatever problems we may be facing. During the time when I was homeless, I felt like I had intruded in, or kept my friends from doing what they do to distract themselves from whatever problems they may have. In the process, I felt as though I had only become an unnecessary, unavoidable new problem for them.

I’m very grateful however, that we got through this somehow and still hang out as if I was never a homeless bum.

I very much enjoyed playing house, being a listening ear, a partner in crime, a fly on the wall, a nomadic spirit, and a survivor, if you will; I just really didn’t mean to involve my friends in my peasant-natured business as I did.

I’m still working towards re-stabilizing my life as much as I can. The worst isn’t over by any means… Workin’ on it though.


Thanks for reading!



  1. You were never a burden to me! You know I love you ❤️

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