About this Hunny…

Hi I’m Justin.

I was born and raised overseas, like, in the military type of lifestyle. Even though, I was fortunate enough to grow up and “mature” in one place, the typical military family would constantly move around. So of course, there were many friends and loved ones that would come and go and, pretty much, I’d just never hear from them again. As a young child, I would notice these things, but at the same time, at that point in my life, I didn’t realize how big of a deal it was to, one minute have a very close and dear friend, and then the next thing you know, that person seemed like he or she was nothing but a dream. No evidence that it ever existed, but in your own mind, your memory of that dream was just so vivid and detailed, that it’s got be real.
As I got older, I learned to easily move on and “detach” myself from people, all the while still cherishing all of the memories and experiences I’ve made with friends and classmates and people of the such. Still, from time to time, I wished that I had some kind of evidence of all that I had “been through” with them. That’s what I’m hoping to capture in this blog. Every defining second one experiences, something new is discovered, whether it’s a lesson, a new found life value, or something inspiring that motivates and drives you. I’m sure you already know this, but there are specific moments in the past that were things that have shaped and molded us into the people we are now in this present. In the moment, I probably won’t fully realize it, but those are the moments I want to always be able to look back on.That is what I want to document and share on this blog. We are constantly learning and growing as a person, whether it is through our own life experiences, or the experiences of others. Hopefully on this blog, I will create an environment, where we can share and grow together.
Hunny, lemme tell you ’bout it!


  1. Justin, as evidenced by the above, you write well. Any chance followers might read more about your goals and aspirations? I’m sensing they are as plausible (and intriguing) as some of the ‘less positive’ focus I read in a few of your posts. It seems potential untapped… Thinking out loud here.

    • Of course! When the time comes and/or seems appropriate I definitely would love to share. I just didn’t think putting all it out there like that would’ve been an “organic” move for me. At the moment I’m not taking as big of steps as I would like to anyway (hence, all of the depression posts), but once I’m in the position to get the ball rolling, I definitely plan to take you along on my journey. I will keep in mind what you said, though! Thank you for that! đŸ™‚

  2. AJ

    When you said you grew up overseas in the “military type of lifestyle”, I had to hit that Follow button.

Hunny, tell me 'bout it!

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